Buy cheap tally on cloud server with WAH application

    Posted in Windows Servers on May 29, 2020

    Buy cheap and fully managed tally on cloud server in india @ 3000/- Monthly Order Now

    Tally on cloud in India - Cloudtechtiq starts offering the new windows cloud servers as per the market research and demands in COVID situations. Now all the companies facing challenges in their regular work process from home with employees. We made a solution for the organization that wants to work from home with secured data and easy access called WAH.

    Wah- is known as Work at home small applications that we can deploy on windows cloud servers in India. Wah, provide the following features.

    User Management :

    you can create the unlimited users from wah application which is highly secure to avoid the remote access permission of your server.

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    Application Management:

    We can add the application such as Tally, Busy, Word, Excel, and any other ERP and hrm in wah which we want to allow the users access from remotely.

    Permission Management :

    We have a provision in-app to assign the permission as per the application level on users. We can allow each user individual application access only.

    User Data Folder:

    We have the option to manage user own data on a specific own folder on the cloud. Any user can not access another user's data from the cloud.

    Shared Folder:

    Users can share the files and data with other users via shared folders in WAH. Also, the admin can see all other user's data via WAH access.

    Printing :

    All the users can print their documents, reports, voucher and any other statement form their software app on a cloud server in India.

    How to setup clinetn system for connect on WAH server ? Watch Now

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