How to install an SSL certificate on Google Cloud Platform?

    Posted in SSL Certificates on Jul 31, 2019


    In order to install an SSL certificate on Google cloud platform, perform the below steps -

    1. Download the archive with the certificate files from your account or from the email sent to you from the CA.
    2. Sign into your Google Cloud account.
    3. Navigate to Products & services >> App Engine as below.


    1. App Engine menu >> Open settings >> SSL certificates >> Next page as below.


    1. Upload a new certificate >> Add a new SSL certificate
    2. Paste Certificate and Private Key codes in the next window.


    The Private Key code was generated along with the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and code including —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– and —–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—– tags should be pasted into the Unencrypted PEM encoded RSA private key box.

    1. Browse Private key file and a combined certificate file >> Upload
    2. On the Edit Certificate screen - Enable SSL for the following custom domains.


    Verify the successful installation using SSL checker.

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